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You will need the following forms to submit to the Coast Guard. Click on them and it will link you to the NMC website for the most up-to-date Merchant Mariner Credential Forms. Ignore the left side of page and scroll to the bottom to find the forms you need. They are blue bullated underlined links in a shaded box.  All are fallible .pdf forms but will need to be printed out for final completion.

Application for Merchant Mariner Credential (CG719 B) 

The primary Application and the first bullated link.

Application for Medical Certificate (CG 719-K)

Make sure you use this form, NOT the Entry Level Ratings CG-719KE or the 2012 form.. Download and fill out all personal information including yes/no portions if you are using our physician for physicals. If you are using your own, you will still need to use this form. Print out form and bring it to physical exam.

Small Vessel Sea Service Form (CG-719S)   

You can print out and make copies of this form. Once you have created a final draft, you can revisit this link and use the filable method if you wish. We will discuss in class.

Conviction Statement (CG1719C)

Use this form ONLY if you have a conviction as discussed

on the Merchant Mariner Credential Application (CG719 B)

The following forms may be useful and contain information for different aspects of the licensing process and future needs. They are not used in the file you submit to the Coast Guard.

Gross Tonnage "Old Style"  (For hand calculating GT -use if on

Mac or if the other GT Form does not auto calculate!)

Application Check List  (A complete summary of all documents needed to complete your License application process)

Oath Form  (for filing electronically or by mail, download this .pdf to be notarized and submitted with application)

Renewal Packet (This link takes you to the NMC Lic Renewal forms. It includes information regarding renewing your License.

TWIC Exemption Form (Use this form if you are renewing your

license and do not wish to renew your TWIC card - IT IS NOT

NECESSARY to renew TWIC unless you plan to enter

secured Ports of entry)

Washington Boat Registration Request (fill-in .pdf form for requesting registration information (proof of ownership) on vessels you have previously owned. Fill out and print - then send it to address provided)

Documented Vessel by Name

This will get you documentation information by entering the vessels name - to be used when searching for proof of ownership

Documented Vessel by Doc Number

This will get you documentation information by entering the documentation number of a vessel- to be used when searching for proof of ownership

U.S. and Canada Near Coastal Agreement

This is a CFR reference and explanation that can be used to

support those that wish to document sea service time on Puget

Sound applicable for Near Coastal consideration. We will discuss this in our NW Classes.