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The following are links or contacts pertinent to the maritime industry and are all used in our curriculum. Scroll down and link to the publication of intrest.

National Maritime Center


The main site for all your communication with the Big Boys.

Here you will find the latest information concerning your

application, updates, new procedures, etc. Also available are "fillable" forms. In short, it has it all.

Regional Exam Centers 

Contact Information 

Information and links to contact local Coast Guard and Regional Exam Centers (REC) regarding applications and  licensing.  Addresses, phone numbers and web addresses are provided

On line appointments for REC


As part of the ongoing merchant marine licensing centralization project all RECs are now set up for on-line appointments. Mariners desiring an appointment at an REC (including Seattle) may do so by first clicking on the link above, then clicking on the appropriate state where the REC of their choice happens to be located. So for example, to make an appointment at REC Puget Sound (Seattle), first click on the link, then on Washington State, which then maps you to our particular REC's web page, which then contains a link for appointments.
As stated on the web page, mariners are highly encouraged to make an appointment prior to coming to the REC. In other words, those who took the time to make appointments will take priority over walk-ins.



Original Licensed captains will need to apply for and obtain a Transportation Workers Identification Credential. TWIC is basically an ID card.  Information is available at the site above.  Hint: go to TWIC FAQ's and scroll down to find locations of enrollment centers.  You also can pre register and facilitate the process for a smaller fee. You will need to bring your SS card, Drivers License or Passport or Birth Certificate. In most cases, you may show up at the TWIC center on a first come basis.

A receipt for your TWIC card is accepted for application filing.

Currently there is a 6 week turn around and fees are $129. Renewals are currently $60 (every 5 years). It is NOT required that you renew your TWIC - and if you opt for this then go to "Downloads"  for waiver form.

On line status of your License application


Here's a new feature that allows either individual applicants (and/or employers of same) to check on the status of one's merchant marine application on-line. Simply follow the below steps:

1. Click on blue address above to link to web site
2. Click on the "Merchant Mariners" link located on the left side.
3. Click on the "Merchant Mariner Application Status"
4. Enter the mariner number / application ID, or the last name, last     four digits of SSN, and date of birth. 

U.S. Maritime Hats, Shirts & Apparel


Notice To Mariners 


As of April, 2004 the Coast Guard is no longer printing Notice To Mariners.  They are only available electronically. This site should work.

Light List


Light Lists are available for viewing and downloading at this link however the General Information front matter is not available at this time

Coast Pilot


Coast Pilots are now being published privately.

They also may be viewed and downloaded at this link

Chart No.1 Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms


This publication is still being published by the government but

may be viewed and downloaded here.

Rules of the Road


The definitive publication of the rules published by the Department

of Homeland Security.  We include this text in hard copy for all

classes, but it may be downloaded and viewed here as well.

Rules of the Road study shareware


This is a good shareware program for studying the Rules.  It fits

nicely into our class discussion of the Rules.

Home Study prepartation


This site offers actual Coast Guard Exam questions on the

various subjects encountered at the REC testing.  If you are using our home study program to prepare for  CG examinations it is a

good site to utilize.

Code of Federal Regulations


The complete CFR is now available at this link

Gross Tonnage Calculation


This is a Coast Guard generated gross tonnage calculation program that you can use to determine the gross tonnage of your vessel.  It is simple to use and does the calculations automatically after plugging in specs.

Vessel Documentation Center


This site will get you information concerning your Documented


Vessel Documentation Data retrieved using craft name


This will search for information on a documented vessel using

the name of the vessel

Vessel Documentation Data retrieved using craft registration #


This will search for information concerning your vessel using the

registration #

Knot Tying



Great sites for learning those knots!