Class Prerequisites


• Must be an American Citizen *
             *Non citizens holding a valid green card are eligible for
                six-pack licenses applicable on vessels of not more than 5 tons

• 18 years of age (19 for Masters)

• A minimum of 360 days of sea experience on Inland or Near Coastal waters

applicable for evaluation. A “day” at sea is anything more than four hours in a

twenty-four hour period.(for details go to:“Documenting Sea Time”
USMA will guide you through the formalities of documentation. Prior to

registering for class however, you should “rough out” your sea time to be

reasonably sure that you meet the minimum 360 day requirement.

•TWIC card (go to: "Communications" button on Home Page". This is NOT a prerequisite, but will have to be obtained before

 applying for licesnse.

• Birth Certificate or Valid Passport

• Completed USMA Class Registration Form and deposit sent to

your class location

• Remember: The first night of class is on us with no obligations! 

  We will cover all the particulars of the licensing process

  and documenting your sea-time.