OUPV & Master 100 Ton Coast Guard Evaluation

The following checklist is everything  you need to apply for your 100 Ton OUPV & Master license. Included are links to the various forms you may print out from this site. USMA suggests that you use it as a guide when compiling your file of documents for your license application evaluation.  This is a complete list and will satisfy all Coast Guard requirements for evaluation for 100 Ton OUPV & Master  License.  We urge to to use it in leiu of the Coast Guard checklist in that theirs includes requirements for many types and levels of licences and can become a bit confusing when trying to extract information pertinent only to OUPV & Master 100 Ton licenses. These items should be compiled, copied (for your records) and presented in person to the REC you are dealing with.  Two forms of personal identification will also be needed when turning these in at the REC. You may schedule on line appointments by going to and selecting your local REC.


 ___ U.S. Maritime Academy Training Certificate

(Issued upon graduation-present original, it will be returned

after evaluation)

___  TWIC Identification Card

                    You must have registered for TWIC card prior to application evaluation

___    Coast Guard Application Form (CG-719B)  Download form under "Downloads" on Home Page
___    Sea Service Form (CG-719S)

___   Physical Examination Form (CG-719K)     Download form under "Downloads" on Home Page

(must be within 12 months of application)

___   Drug Test Report   5 substance SAMSHA (CG-719-P)    

(within 6 months of application)

___    Three Character References   

Download form under "Downloads" on Home Page

___   Proof of Citizenship

(present copy of Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate or current

 U.S. Passport then provide original when taking oath at CG REC.)

___    First Aid/CPR Certification

(must be within 1 year of application date and only Red Cross or

American Heart & Lung courses applicable)

___    User Fees

(Check or money order payable to U.S. Coast Guard-$100 evaluation

with application, then $45 issuance at time of Oath)